Erin’s Avon Canada 🇨🇦

If you order Avon through me , All this month I’ll give you 50% Off your Order! Anything you see on my Facebook Page I’m offering 50% off the products to help save you money while you’re paying your bills! If you need Brochures just let me know & if you’re interested in anything please let me know!

Happy New Years 2018 Avon 50% Off All of January

Please let me know if you’re interested in anything please give me your orders soon before it’s gone Limited Quantities on products!Happy New Years & All the best to everyone this year! New Year, New Me!

Avon Deals

Get 50% All Month of January Call Me 🤙, Text Me📱 or Message Me 💬with your Order! I just need which Campaign it is, the product number & page number!

Avon & It’s Shipping Increase

Avon for many years has only charged $6.95 to Representative’s & Leaders unless they get less of a Shipping Fee cost! Now Avon is increasing it’s Fee by $3.00 which should make it around $9.95 for Shipping Fee of orders! I don’t know if it’s just for one’s in President Club or if they’ll just raise it for everyone! I’ve never charged my customers shipping fees but I might have to charge maybe half if my customers will go for it or just charge the whole amount, I don’t know yet! When I get more information I’ll let you know! Thank you to all my customers & Happy New Year I hope we all can have a wonderful year ahead of us! I’ll also offer more discounts next year, thank you for your patience & being my customers I really appreciate it!

SickKids Hospital & Avon

Raffle Tickets $2.00 for One & $5.00 for 3 Please see Me or my husband Jeff Embury for Tickets! All the Money goes to SickKids Hospital! SickKids Hospital means the world to us for helping us with our son Kevin! Thanks in advance!

Avon Christmas 🎄

Well it’s the end of the year, out with the old & in with the new! Campaign 26 Ends tonight at 11:30 & Campaign 1 is starting but ends on December 19th,2017 it’s the shortest Campaign before Christmas so if there’s anything you are interested in please let me know! I’m battling a head & chest cold now hopefully I can get better before Christmas 🎄 I’ve done enough worrying about our son to last a life time! Yes I know I’ll always worry about him but enough is enough for him & us we need a break! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy New Year 🎉 please Don’t Drink & Drive!

Avon Christmas 🎄

Christmas is a couple of weeks away so make sure you get what you want for Christmas before it’s gone! Lots of great deals on sale right now & I’m offering 5% off of Eddy the Teddy Bear 🐻 & Rory the Lion 🦁 so get them before there gone! Please have a safe & wonderful Christmas this year & don’t drink & Drive! 🎄🎅🤶☃️❄️🎁