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I'm a Avon Rep just starting out & looking forward to my new journey. I'm starting small to see how things work out, when push comes to shove, you have to do what's best for yourself & juggle what you can , one step at a time! I've recently became an Avon Representative, I needed something part time because our son is my full time job! If you want to order from me you may message me on Facebook, DM me on Twitter or if you want my number please message me either way so I can get your order to you! With every order I get $5.00 goes towards Sickkids Hospital!

Avon Christmas 🎄 🎅🤶❄️☃️🎁

Christmas 🎄 is coming quickly so buy before it’s gone, Limited Quantities on products because there selling so fast! You can order from me 24/7 365 days of the year! You just need to let me know the product numbers, which Campaign it is & page number! You may call, text or leave a voicemail message for me & I’ll let you know if I can get it for you or not ! Because it’s Christmas 🎄 season I’ll give you 5% off Eddy the Teddy Bear 🐻 & Rory the Lion 🦁 👍❤️💙❤️💙


If I give you 2 Brochures you can order out of both & not have to wait for the date on the back to place your order! If you see something you like I’ll be happy to get it for you! I’m great full for all my customers & I appreciate them ordering from me! It keeps me interacting with people!

If you’re interested in anything please let me know! Campaign 1 is Avon’s Boxing Day Campaign & it’s the shortest Campaign before Christmas 🎄 December 13-18 & should come back before the New Year but I’ll let you know if anything is different!

Erin’s Avon Canada 🇨🇦 

Wow 😮 Avon has a lot going on right now & they also have Limited Quantities on products because there selling so fast 💨 Avon has a lot of deals 🤑 & Sales on to! After Campaign 26 , Campaign 1 Starts about mid December! I’m happy that I’ve joined Avon, it’s helped us to catch up on bills & groceries & anything our son has needed 😍 

I have the Raffle still going on please buy Tickets & help out a great 👍 Hospital, SickKids Hospital $2.00 for One & $5.00 for 3 All the Money 💰 goes to SickKids Hospital! Right now the Hospital has so many children & babies that they’re going to be building another Hospital because they need the room to accommodate all the children of the world 🌎 The Money also helps for Medical purposes as well to get the right Medicine needed for that child 👶 or baby 👶 

If you’re interested in anything please let me know I’ll make sure you get Brochures please call me 🤙, Text me or message me with your Avon order anytime! 

Crunch Time 🕤 Avon 

This time of the year Brochures will be going in weekly instead of every 2 weeks because of the Holidays & to make sure you get what you want please order Early! Don’t hesitate on waiting to buy something because there could only be Limited Quantities on products & Avon is already running out now on items! If you see something you want please let me know A.S.A.P. If I can get it for you then great & if not I’ll let you know for sure! If you need Brochures please let me know! 

Erin’s Avon Canada 🇨🇦 

Well Business is slowly picking up, yes Avon is slow to gain customers but for me that’s alright! Our Son has been through a lot & he takes a lot of time & care to raise him! I really do enjoy selling Avon & if anyone wants to be my customer that’s fine with me! 

Campaign 22 is on now until October 18th,2017 then  Campaign 23 will start! If you’re interested in anything please let me know & I’ll make sure you get Brochures or samples if you want to! 

Will You Buy Avon From Me ? 

I’m trying so hard to get customers, even if I had 4 more that would be awesome! Yes I can deliver your order to you, to where it’s convenient for you, either work or home! I accept Cash & I also expect E-Transfer! 

Every time I go out prospecting for customers, they say oh sure I’ll let you know if I want anything, then I follow up with them & still nothing! I keep at it & do my best but I really need honest buying customers now! 

We have bills to pay & yes my husband works 2 jobs but that still doesn’t put the food on the table after the bills are paid! If I can help with the groceries & gas in our vehicles then that’s a bonus for us & hopefully a good Christmas 🎄 for our son! 

Having one customer that’s a chocolate bar, having 5 customers that’s bread & milk & having 10 customers that’s a meal & gas in the vehicles! Sales taxes are what I keep & leftovers from all the orders! Basically paid from Tips! 

Can I Be Your Avon Lady 

Campaign 21 is still going until October 4th,2017 then Campaign 22 will start! If you need or want Brochures please let me know & I’ll make sure you get them! I would like to have at least 4 more customers if I could please & thank you 🙏Thanksgiving is next weekend, then soon Halloween 🎃 & Christmas 🎄 Stock up now for the Holiday’s! Some items could be Limited Quantities but I won’t know until you give me an order then I can check for you! I accept Cash or Cheque for payment, yes I can do E-Transfer as well if you’d like! I’m always here if you’re interested in anything please let me know! Thank You 🙏